Angel Pang

Product Designer |  Strategy & Creative Direction |
Based in Los Angeles, CA

I have seven years of designing mobile experiences for iOS and Android applications. By understanding user insights and business objectives, I helped startups and agency clients launch products from 0 to 1. As a dedicated design leader, I strive to foster a collaborative, autonomous environment that encourages innovation and creativity. 

Latest Projects

Spicy Slips

Game Mode

Design Lead
Game Branding
Design Management
With Spicy Slips, players can easily participate in live sports events and receive instant props in real time.
case study

Daily Dozen

Game Mode

Creative Direction
Design management
In this daily fantasy game, participants have the chance to win by correctly answering a minimum of seven out of twelve questions. They can earn cash rewards or show off their accomplishments as they ascend the leaderboard.
case study


Mobile App, iOS

Proof of concept
creative direction
Connect with top influencers, professionals, and experts for live workshops on various exciting topics.
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